PeepsRide’s Privacy Policy

“Privacy—like eating and breathing—is one of life’s basic requirements.”
Katherine Neville, author

We, at PeepsRide, are in complete agreement with Katherine Neville. We value you—our users—and are committed to protecting and promoting your privacy. This Privacy Policy will help you understand how we collect, use and disclose your personal information in connection with your use of PeepsRide’s websites, emails and mobile/tablet applications (PeepsRide’s Platform).

Our Privacy Policy is in strict compliance with the Australian Privacy Act, 1998, GDPR and other relevant laws of the places where PeepsRide provides its services.

By using PeepsRide’s Platform, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy as well as the PeepsRide Terms and Conditions (Terms).

What are the terms used in this Privacy Policy?
Here are some common terms you will come across in this Privacy Policy:
  • We/Our(s)/Us: refers to PeepsRide
  • You/Your(s): refers to the users of PeepsRide’s Platform
  • User(s): refers to both the drivers and passengers who avail themselves of PeepsRide’s services through PeepsRide’s Platform
  • Driver(s): refers to users who list their vehicles (as defined in the End User Licence Agreement) on PeepsRide’s Platform and offer vehicle transportation services to passengers
  • Passenger(s): refers to users who avail themselves of vehicle transportation services (as defined in the End User Licence Agreement) from PeepsRide’s Platform
  • Service(s): refers to vehicle transportation facilities PeepsRide makes available to users through PeepsRide’s Platform
  • Third Party: refers to any individual or legal entity who is not a party to this Privacy Policy
  • Third Party website: refers to any Third Party link that appears on PeepsRide’s platform. When you click such a link, you will leave PeepsRide’s Platform and access another website/platform that is not bound by this Privacy Policy.
What is the scope of this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect from you and how PeepsRide uses, stores and shares this information.

This Privacy Policy is applicable whether you access PeepsRide’s Platform directly or through a Third Party website.

What information do we collect from you?
Information provided by you

To enable or avail yourself of PeepsRide’s services, you have to create an account on PeepsRide’s Platform by registering as a driver or a passenger. To register with PeepsRide, you need to provide us with the following information (Personally Identifiable Information—PII):

  1. Your email address
  2. If you are registering as a driver, you need to provide your valid driver’s licence number, and the make and model of the vehicle
  3. If you registering as a passenger, you need to provide a relevant identification proof that is authorised by the government of Australia/the relevant state and/or country where PeepsRide’s services are being availed
  4. Your unique login name and password that PeepsRide has provided you by virtue of your registration on PeepsRide’s Platform
  5. Your name, gender, age and date of birth
  6. Your phone number
  7. Your address/location details
  8. Your health information, including but not limited to any disability, disease or other medical condition
  9. Your payment details, including but not limited to debit/credit card details, bank account information and other financial details that PeepsRide requires

We collect your PII, as listed above, for the following purposes only:

For your personal identification

  • To communicate the confirmation of your registration with PeepsRide
  • To send details of a ride via text messages/emails/telephone
  • To contact you for our services, if required
  • To notify you of any updates/modifications to your profile/advertisement or to PeepsRide’s Platform
  • To notify you of your online transactions
  • To provide you updates regarding special offers and new services from PeepsRide
  • To provide other notifications from PeepsRide

To verify the information you have provided, PeepsRide may, at any time, ask you to upload a scanned copy of a valid identity proof before or after you have created your PeepsRide account (as defined in the End User Licence Agreement).

If we find out/have knowledge, at any time, that you have provided a fake/illegal identity proof or have committed any other irregularity while creating a PeepsRide account, we may terminate/de-activate your PeepsRide account.

What if you don’t want to receive offer updates or advertisements?

You may opt to decline communications from PeepsRide (Please refer to our Opt-Out Policy described below.).

If you feel that your profile or your personal information has been misused in any manner, you can ask for its removal. Only users with whom you wish to connect or from whom you want to avail services will have access to your information.

However, PeepsRide reserves the right to share your information with a Third Party to the extent that sharing such information is necessary in order to provide PeepsRide’s services or to protect PeepsRide’s interest.

Public content

The following information you provide is meant for public exhibition and use:

  • Your profile picture
  • Your service ratings
  • Your photos
  • Your comments
  • Your reviews/feedback
  • Information provided in your profile

We may display this content on PeepsRide’s Platform and/or distribute it to a wider audience through Third Party websites and services.

User profile

You can choose to provide us with and allow us to store the following information:

  • Your venue/space preferences
  • Your driver preferences
  • Your credit/debit card billing information
  • Other personal information

The above information is primarily used to help you make selections, reservations and avail yourselves of PeepsRide’s services in a hassle-free manner.

What information do we collect from your use of our services?
Device information

We collect information about your device, such as:

  • Hardware model
  • Operating system version
  • Unique device identifiers
  • Mobile network information, including your telephone number
Log information

When you use our services to view content provided by PeepsRide, we may automatically collect and store certain information in server logs. This includes:

  • Internet protocol address
  • Information about your installation (for example, the operating system type and application version number), if any, when you install/uninstall PeepsRide’s Platform or any updates
  • Device event information, such as crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser types, browser language, the date and time of your requests, and referral URL
  • Cookies and/or similar technologies that may uniquely identify your browser and/or your PeepsRide account
  • Information (including personal information) available locally on your device through mechanisms such as browser web storage (including HTML 5) and application data caches
  • Any other information we may collect when you are signed into PeepsRide’s Platform
  • Any other information we may obtain about you from our business associates in contact with you
Location information

To enable PeepsRide to function and to connect the driver with the respective passenger, PeepsRide will access the passenger’s location. When you open PeepsRide’s Platform on your tablet/mobile phone/computer, PeepsRide receives details of your current location. We may also collect the precise location of your device when the PeepsRide application is running in the foreground or background. We also receive information on locations that you label, such as ‘home’ and ‘work’.

Address contact list

When you start using PeepsRide’s Platform, you will be asked whether you want to allow PeepsRide to access your contacts list.

If your click ‘Yes’, PeepsRide can access and store names and contact information from your contact list. PeepsRide can use this information to facilitate invitations and social interactions that you initiate through PeepsRide’s Platform and for other purposes described in this Privacy Policy or at the time of consent or collection.

If you click ‘No’, PeepsRide will not be able to access your contacts list.

How do we use your Personally Identifiable Information?

We use PII to:

  • Connect drivers with passengers
  • Promote PeepsRide’s brand name
  • Communicate with you
  • Personalise the PeepsRide experience for you, your friends and your contacts
  • Send you text messages/emails and push notifications
  • Facilitate transactions and payments
  • Provide you with customer support
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent activities
  • Respond to trust and safety issues that may arise, including auto incidents, disputes between passengers and drivers, and requests from government authorities
How do we share your Personally Identifiable Information?
Sharing between users

PeepsRide drivers and passengers that have been matched for a ride will be able to see basic information about each other, such as names, photos, ratings and any other information in their profiles.

Drivers can see the pick-up location that the passenger has provided.
Passengers can see the driver’s vehicle information and real-time location as the driver approaches the pick-up location.

Although we help passengers and drivers communicate with one another to arrange a pickup, we do not share your actual phone number or other contact information with other users.

If you report a lost or found item to use, we will seek to connect you with the relevant passenger or driver. With your permission, we can share your actual contact information.

Sharing between PeepsRide and Third Parties

PeepsRide’s Platform may allow you to connect with Third Party websites/services that we don’t have control over. You will be solely liable for any loss/damage/harm that may be caused to you or your information by accessing these Third Party websites or availing yourselves of their services.

We strongly encourage you to read the privacy policies and other policies of these Third Party websites before you access or use their services.

We do not necessarily imply a recommendation of the Third Party links you may find on our Platform, neither do we imply an endorsement of the views expressed within them.

We may share your PII with Third Parties in the following cases:

  • If a government authority requests for information and we think disclosure is required or appropriate in order to comply with laws, regulations or a legal process
  • To comply with a legal requirement or process, including but not limited to, civil and criminal subpoenas, court orders or other compulsory disclosures
  • If you sign up for a promotion with another user’s referral or promotion code, we will let the referrer know about your redemption of or qualification for the promotion.
  • To provide information about the use of PeepsRide’s Platform to potential business partners in aggregated or de-identified form that cannot be reasonably used to identify you
  • Whenever you consent to sharing your information to Third Parties

We may partner with several vehicle-sharing services around the globe so that passengers can continue to find rides (as defined in the End User Licence Agreement) when they use PeepsRide’s Platform abroad and so that drivers can provide services abroad. When we match a ride with a partner, we share the same information that is shared between matched passengers and drivers on PeepsRide’s Platform.

How do we secure yourPersonally Identifiable Information?

We are meticulous when it comes to receiving and securing your Personally Identifiable Information—PII. We have a stringent security system in place to maintain your privacy and to create a completely secure operating environment.

We use data encryption to protect your PII. When you feed your PII into PeepsRide’s Platform, we use _ encryption to transfer it via the internet. We use _ encryption to secure PII, including account information and debit/credit card details.

What is our opt-out policy?

You have the right to opt out of processes where your PII is used for purposes not directly related to PeepsRide’s Platform.

PeepsRide provides you with the following opt-out options:

Email subscriptions

You can unsubscribe from our commercial or promotional emails at any time. We will continue to send you transactional and relational emails about your account use on PeepsRide’s Platform.

Push notifications

You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings. Opting out of receiving push notifications may impact your use of PeepsRide’s Platform (such as receiving a notification that your ride has arrived).

Profile information

Your name and contact information will always be shared with the respective drivers or passengers and with PeepsRide. You may delete any additional information from your profile that you don’t want other users to see.

Passengers will always be able to see the driver’s name, rating, profile photo and vehicle information.

Location information

You can prevent your device from sharing location information at any time through your device/computer/mobile phone’s operating system settings. However, please note, passenger and driver location is core to PeepsRide’s Platform and without it, we cannot provide our services to you.

How do we retain information?

We store and back up the information you provide us in secure servers and in the cloud. We retain your information for a period of seven years from the date on which you provide the information. This information is stored even if you later delete any information from your user account.

PeepsRide may share this information with Third Parties to the extent that such information is shared in relation to the provision of PeepsRide’s services or at PeepsRide’s discretion.

By using PeepsRide’s Platform, you are agreeing to such retention and disclosure of information by PeepsRide.

How can you update your Personally Identifiable Information?

You can change your Personally Identifiable Information—PII at any time. You can make changes on the member profile page of PeepsRide’s website. You can also email our Customer Support Team or send us a letter at the following address: info@peepsride.com

When updating your PII, we may ask you to verify your identity before we can act on your request. We may reject requests that:

  • Are unreasonably repetitive
  • Require disproportionate technical effort (for example, developing a new system or fundamentally changing an existing practice)
  • Risk the privacy of others
  • Risk the security of PeepsRide
  • Are extremely impractical (for example, requests concerning information residing on backup systems)
What are our terms and conditions?

To know more about PeepsRide’s terms and conditions, please go through the Terms and Conditions.

What is PeepsRide’s liability?

By using PeepsRide’s Platform, you understand and agree that neither PeepsRide nor its administrators, representatives, associates, affiliates and assigns will be held liable for any loss/damage caused to you or any Third Party due to your use of PeepsRide’s Platform or its services.

PeepsRide is merely a facilitator that connects passengers and drivers to provide and avail of vehicle transportation services. You use PeepsRide’s Platform and avail yourself of its services at your sole risk and responsibility.

How can you terminate your account?

If you want to terminate your PeepsRide user account, please contact us through email. We will deactivate your account, but we may retain information from your account for a certain period of time. We may disclose this retained information in a manner that is consistent with our practices with respect to our Privacy Policy for active accounts. We may also retain information from your account to collect any fees owed, resolve disputes and assist with any investigations as permitted by law.

When will we deactivate an account?

PeepsRide reserves the sole right to deactivate any user’s account, at any time, if PeepsRide is of the opinion that the user is violating the terms of this Privacy Policy or any other PeepsRide’s policies or for any other reason as PeepsRide deems fit.

All rights that are not expressly provided here are reserved by PeepsRide.

How can you contact PeepsRide?

If you have any query, complaint or suggestion, you can reach out to us:

Email us at info@peepsride.com.
Write to us at: PeepsRide Pty Ltd, 11 York Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

Will the Privacy Policy change?

PeepsRide reserves the right to modify, revise and/or update the Privacy Policy, at any time, with respect to amended and/or updated legislation of Australia and the amended and/or updated legislation of the state and country where PeepsRide’s services are being availed.

We may post a notification of any changes to this Privacy Policy on PeepsRide’s Platform. However, such a notification is not mandatory. By continuing to access or use PeepsRide’s Platform after any changes become effective, you are agreeing to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.

If you need any clarifications regarding our Privacy Policy, email us at info@peepsride.com.

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