Enabling people with mobility

Founded in 2017, PeepsRide is a digital platform for organisations and transport providers to manage transport services for their members, people with a disability and the elderly.

Our vision is to provide an on-demand transport service to the most vulnerable people in our community.

Currently, due to the high cost of ride share and taxis, the elderly and those with a disability resort to staying indoors. Where low-cost community transport is available, they have to wait for hours before securing a ride to critical medical appointments or for essential day-to-day activities like shopping.

Using PeepsRide, care and transport providers will be able to offer more transport services and their customers will be able to access a ride when they need it.

Inspiration strikes in the oddest of places.

In a bathtub. Under an apple tree. In Clive and Alison’s case, it was in a car. Talking about carpooling with a friend, and then thinking, ‘How about creating a community for transport for those caring for their “Peeps”?’

But that’s not where the story begins. The story began a long time ago, and involves all the different threads of Clive’s and Alison’s lives. Which all came together one day to spark an idea. An idea born out of love. Out of a sense of community.

An idea born because Clive has seen up close how disability restricted where his brother could go and how often. Because Clive and Alison have witnessed “no-shows” with taxis for the elderly and know that transport for essential care and routine hospital visits still require hours of waiting time. Because they understand the stress that carers, guardians and parents go through. They’ve seen the difference it makes when organisations prioritise service over profit and when family, friends or neighbours help each other out.

Because Alison and Clive have witnessed the issues their dad and brother faced due to the lack of reliable and affordable transport. They understand how the system works. Because they both have the professional skills and the background to turn this idea into a reality. And most of all, because they have a desire to make this world just a little better for the people who a need a little extra support.

So they talked about it, planned it out and floated the idea among friends and neighbours. People were enthusiastic. And highly encouraging. Now, Alison and Clive are proud to have PeepsRide out in the world.

And they want you to join them. Be a part of the PeepsRide community.

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