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If you’re an organisation and want to help your members with transport options, you can subscribe to PeepsRide. You can then invite all your members to sign up with us. If you’re an individual, you can sign up through invitation only. Invitations are issued by subscribed organisations or by other members who either nominates you as a contact or a carer.
If you are no longer part of any organisation that has signed up with PeepsRide, we will assign PeepsRide to you as the organisation temporarily for 30 days. While you will not be permitted to drive passengers during this period, you may avail of rides offered by others. You must become a member of an organisation that has signed up to PeepsRide during this period. Otherwise, your account with us will be suspended until you register with another organisation.
No. By default, you will be part of any groups created by your organisation. You may choose to leave a group at any time. You can also create or join any other group that you like. Groups make it easier to organise rides for specific requirements, for example, people with common preferences or travel schedules and destinations could form a group and ride together.
Any organisation or individual signed up with PeepsRide can create a group.
The person who creates the group is the group moderator. The moderator needs to add/delete group members and accept/decline requests from people who want to join the group.
You can add up to 5 contacts, who can book, view and track rides.
When setting up their profiles in the app settings, you can give your contacts the permission to make bookings. PeepsRide does not allow members below the age of 13 to make bookings without the explicit approval of their primary guardian.
You can specify in your app settings whether you want the group and/or the driver to see your location during a ride.
Depending on your organisation’s preference, either members of the organisation or registered members of partner organisations can see rides created. For paid transport, only those who are booked on that service and their contacts are able to access that ride. For rides created within a specific group, only the members of the group in which you create a ride can see your rides.
Paid transport services are offered by transport organisations on the PeepsRide platform. Any PeepsRide member can search for a paid service with their respective organisations.
For organisation-related issues such as rides, groups, members, etc., contact the organisation. For issues with the app, contact the PeepsRide support group using the ‘Report a problem’ option in your app. The organisation can be contacted using the chat client or contact details provided on the PeepsRide website page for your organisation.
If there is an emergency, please contact emergency services in your local area or the organisation you are associated with.
Select Groups from the mobile app menu. In the My Groups tab, click +. Add people to the group and give it a name. Click ✔ to save the group. For organisations, you may create a group using the organisation web app.
Select Groups from the app menu. In the Suggested Groups tab, select Request to join against the favoured group. A request will be sent to the group moderator, who will accept/decline your request.
Select Create Booking or Find a Ride on the app home screen. Set your ride details—pickup and drop-off locations, date and time. Specify your preferences for driver profile and ride facilities. Select Search Rides. From the list of matching driver profiles or rides, select Request against the favoured ride.
Select Create a Ride on the app home screen. Set your ride details—origin and destination locations, date and time. Add riders if you already know them. Specify your preferences for rider profile. Select the facilities your ride offers. Select Create Car Pool Ride. Your ride details will be shared with other members of your group.
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