Image of elderly woman pointing to the sea and standing behind an elderly man in a wheelchair  Text: Busy lives. Places to go. People we care for.
Text: How can we do it all? By building a community! A community that cares about each other’s needs. And wants to lend a helping hand.
Image of schoolchildren in a classroom  Text: Creating trust. Ensuring safety. Making it easy.
Image of a woman in a car looking at two children in the backseat  Text: When we come together, we are better. And PeepsRide is here to help you do all this effortlessly. And affordably.
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How it works

Illustration of folder with a pencil

Sign up and invite

Organisations subscribe to PeepsRide for a monthly or yearly fee.

They manage all their transportation services for their members on the PeepsRide platform of apps.

They invite their customers and members to join PeepsRide who in turn use transport services provided by the organisation.

Illustration of a couple walking with their young daughter

Connect and download

Members from each organisation download the PeepsRide app.

Organisations and their drivers schedule rides for their members and customers.

Illustration of a car with luggage loaded on top

Find and ride

Members, family and friends book rides offered by their respective organisations on the PeepsRide app.


Help your members get around

Empower all your organisation members, whatever their needs, to get around easily. Give them the opportunity to be an active and integral part of the community.

Manage transport needs effortlessly

Make it easier to manage the transport needs of your members. Automate all your records and transactions.

Create a smaller footprint

Automatically get the best and most economical routes for all your trips. Save on running and fuel costs. It’s good for the environment and for traffic too.

Ride with people you trust

Create your own groups and invite only people you know and trust. Track rides as they happen and control who can see your member’s location during a ride.

Ride the way you want to

State your preferences for the people with whom you want to ride. Ask for any conveniences you may need, like a child seat or wheelchair accessibility.

Get updates during your rides

Our app notifications will let you know when you have a ride coming up. And also when pickups and drop offs take place.